5 Helpful Tips to Help Name Your Boat

Too many a boat name isn’t just a fancy label that is slapped upon your vessel. It tells you a story, gives life, personality and adds a bit of character to your boat . A boat name tells you a lot about the owner so coming up with a boat name that you’ll be proud of should be easy, right? Well, maybe for some it’s easy but for most of us it can be quite challenging and frustrating coming up with the perfect name for your boat.
You may feel pressured, stressed or anxious about naming your boat, but instead take your time by getting to know it by spending as much time as you can with your boat. Every boat seems to have a personality of its own and it can take you weeks, months or an entire season to just come up with the perfect name for your boat.
Well, there is no need to worry —  there are some pretty simple steps which if followed can help you to brainstorm and generate names for your boat and find the perfect name for your boat and one that you can feel proud of.

1. Don't Jinx Your Boat

First, it’s important not to name your boat after anything that temps fate. Don’t name your boat after any major weather events.  Also don’t name your boat after one that has sunk, or any famous or historical boats like the Titanic as your just asking for trouble then.
Try to avoid fictional or historical shipwreck names, like the Antelope, the Black Pearl, the Tsimtsum, the Andrea Doria, or any other sunken boat. For a more modern example, you’ll probably want to stay away from name your boat the Princess Diamond. Basically, if what you’re  thinking of involves tragedy or death it’s probably not a very good idea to name your boat after it.
Consider superstitions when you are naming your boat. One such superstition is about what letter the name of your boat begins with for e.g., some sailors believe that any names that begin with “O” are very unlucky.
It’s considered bad luck to rename and change the name of your boat but If you do rename your boat, a purging and renaming ceremony must be completed before you rename your boat. So if it’s possible, just pick one name for your boat and stick with it. When it comes to naming your boat it’s a good idea is to keep boat names short and brief, ideally one to two words and on the rare occasions three words. Your boat name should also be short enough to fit on your transom and be easily understood during a VHF radio broadcast.

2. Make it personal

The best and most easiest way to name your boat is to give it a name that is meaningful to you. You can name it after a loved one, such as a partner or a child or you can name it after an important or significant moment in your life. You can even name it after a loved one who has passed on in order to honour their memory. 
When brainstorming potential names for your boat you can also draw inspiration from anywhere. Do you have a favourite place that you’ve visited?  Do you have a favourite animal or pet? You can even incorporate hobbies, skills and interests that you find personally meaningful to help you to come up with ideas.  All these will help you to create boat names that will add a personal touch to your vessel.

3. Make it a pun

You can use puns and double meanings to generate boat names, boat themed puns are actually a great way to come up with names for your boat. This is why you’ll often see boat names like Crime Wave or In Contempt on boats owned by professionals in legal and law industry. 
For a more salacious game, try Seaduction, Ships N Giggles, Fish and Chicks, or Moor Often Than Knot for the name of your boat. For a play on one of your favorite pieces of content, try out The Codfather, Marlin Monroe, Buoyance, or some other hilarious puns on famous persons for your boat name.
Or, just name it after the experience you’re looking for. Looking for a fun time aboard your boat? Try out Chill Time, Water Haven, or Seas the Day. 
Of course, there are many pun ideas out there for you to name your boat. Just consider what ambiance you want to set up for your boat, and work backwards from there!

4. Look for inspiration

It can be hard to decide what to name your boat. So, why don’t you draw inspiration from the world around you?

Here are some sources of inspiration that you can use to generate and come up with boat names:-
  • Books
  • History
  • Religion
  • Pop culture like movies, television, music and more
  • Myths, like greek, roman, or middle eastern mythology
  • Song lyrics, poetry, or a quote from a book
Of course, these are only a small sampling of your many options. You can talk to friends and family and your bound to come up with a name you’ll love.
You can come up with a name for your boat incorporating terminology from your occupation. For example if you’re in the medical profession you can incorporate medical words into your boat or if you’re a software programmer you can come up with computing terminology to name your boat.
And of course, if you already work with boats, the world is your oyster. There will be so many different boat terms you can incorporate into the name of your new vessel!
If you’re not as interested in your job, you can always work your favorite hobby into your boat’s name. You can name your boat after your favorite book. Or, if you’re a big fan of knitting or sewing, name your boat after your favorite stitching patterns!
Are you big into fandom? Name your boat after your favorite person from the Star Wars or Star Trek franchises. Clearly, there are a ton of options out there for you when it comes to naming your boat after one of your jobs or hobbies.

5. Check your local regulations

There are some general legal rules you need to follow when you’re naming your boat.
According to the United States Coast Guard, a boat name must be 33 characters or shorter, and use only the Latin alphabet, Roman numerals, or Arabic numerals. It also can’t be similar to any of the words used to request assistance when in the water (such as S.O.S.), and it can’t contain profanity, foul language, or racial or ethnic slurs.
However, that doesn’t mean these are the only rules that apply to your boat name. Your marina or boat association may have additional rules for boat naming. Your city or state may also have other requirements.
Of course, you’ll also make to sure the name of your boat actually suits your boat. Do your research, and make sure that you’re purchasing the right boat for you.
That way, you’re sure to be happy with your boat for years and years to come, and you won’t be in the same predicament in just a few more years!

Great News: Now you know what to name your boat

Hopefully, now you’ve made a decision on what to name your boat. Do your research, use your personal life as an inspiration, and make sure not to choose anything that would jinx your boat, and you’ll have a great name for your boat in no time.
If you’re looking for more boating articles, check out our website for more information.



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