7 Key Benefits of Boat Ownership

In 2019, people within the U.S. spent $42 billion on boats and marine services. People always make the joke about finding a friend with a boat, but isn’t it time you owned your own boat? Having a boat is exciting, and it brings you plenty of adventure. 

Just like all good things, having a boat does come with responsibility. You will have to invest in the upkeep and cleaning but we believe it’s truly worth it. To learn more about why it’s worth it, keep reading our 7 benefits of boat ownership below.

1. You'll Have Freedom at Your Fingertips

Owning a boat increases your sense of morale, pride and self-esteem and having a boat is having access to the ultimate freedom and adventure that you’ve always craved and wanted. 

You can do what you want at your own pace and in your own time. The days spent on the water can bring a rush like no other.

Are you feeling down after a busy and stressful day at work? Just hop in your boat, and bring your fishing rods. Seek solace and tranquility in the sound of the waves lapping up.

If your boat is big enough, you can use it to travel between different cities or you can traverse upon the open ocean. Do some research on the ports in your region, and then take a week to explore and make sure to keep your eyes peeled along your journey for fun spots to check out.

2. You'll Be the Go-To for Socializing

Everyone loves their friend with a boat. Boats are exciting and provide a portable party.Expect your phone to blow up on sunny days, and don’t forget to pack a few extra snacks for your friends. If you’re someone with a family, plan a day for family boating activities.

You can invest in tubes, kneeboards, and water skis. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and get active. If you do party on your boat, make sure to do so responsibly! Check with local laws about glass and aluminum, and never drive a boat while under the influence. 

3. Boats Provide Another Home

No, you may not be able to fully live on your boat. However, they do provide a home away from home.

They are a place of comfort and safety for many people who enjoy being on the water. It’s a place you can go to take the weight of responsibilities off your back for a bit.

In some cases, you can purchase a boat you’re able to live on. Many boats come with beds, mini-kitchens, and small bathrooms. People all over the world are making the move to living on boats.

4. Owning a Boat Brings New Skills

When owning a boat, you’ll need to acquire a set of skills many people don’t have. There’s a learning curve, but you’ll get the hang of them. You’ll need to learn how to navigate your boat, different knots when it comes time to dock, and the different vocabulary words associated with boats. 

In stressful situations, you’ll also learn how to work with the winds and how to maintain peace in the midst of storms. 

Invest in boating courses to improve your skills. Learn how to drive a motorboat and how to steer a sailboat. Increase your skillsets.

5. You'll Step Into a New Community

Especially in areas with large rivers, lakes, and access to the gulf, there are growing boat communities. You’ll notice people docking in large groups, bringing the celebration into the water.

Get to know the people around you with a boat. Ask them about their boating experiences, and invite them to spend a day with your family on the water.

If you have a shallower location nearby, get a group of friends with boats together for a mid-day party. Friends and family can boat hop and play in the water with their floats.

6. Being on the Water Improves Mental Health

Daily life is stressful with the commute to work and the constant bombardment of emails, text and phone calls and the electronic devices constantly competing for your attention. Boating triggers a restful “blue state of mind”. It allows you to pause, allowing your mind and body to reset.

Being on a boat increases physiological and psychological changes promoting health and wellness, awe and wonder, happiness and relaxation. Boating is one of the best activities to relieve stress. You’ll find comfort in the warm sunshine, cool water, and the opportunity to let loose.

Wallace J. Nichols author of Blue Mind looks closely at the scientific reasons why being on, in or near water makes you healthier and happier.

According to him, “The mere sight and sound of water promotes wellness by lowering cortisol, increasing serotonin and inducing relaxation”. He goes onto say that when it comes to reducing stress boating can be considered a type of medicine.

7. Boats Are a Long-Term Investment

Cars wear much quicker than boats do. Everyday commutes to work quickly rack on miles, and you’ll find yourself sitting in the mechanic’s waiting room once you have car issues.

Boats do require upkeep and fees for boating slips and licenses, but boats also don’t wear out as quickly as cars. Plus, you can have more fun on a boat than in a car.

If you want to make money while you have a boat, charter it out to trusted friends and family members. Sell your boat to get the money for an upgrade. There are plenty of options.

Things to Remember When Buying a Boat

Buying a new boat isn’t an instant process. There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

You’ll first want to establish your budget. Know how much you’re willing to pay, and keep in mind the money you’ll need for your license. Check to see if anyone is locally selling their old boat to save some money.

Write down your ultimate uses and desires for having a boat. Will you use it to fish on the river? Would you like a large yacht to host social gatherings?

Explore financing plans. Research requirements of marine lenders, and consider taking out a loan to pay for your boat.

Lastly, don’t forget you’ll need to buy insurance. Protect your boat.

Experience the Benefits of Boat Ownership for Yourself

That’s enough reading. It’s time to experience the benefits of boat ownership for yourself. Start your search for the perfect boat today.

Having a boat gives you the keys to freedom and adventure, and it provides a home away from home. You’ll gain new friends and skills as you use your boat. They’re long-term investments you’ll never regret.

If you’re in need of more convincing to buy a boat, check out the rest of our site. We offer plenty of guides for beginner boat owners and guides on how to buy a boat.



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