8 Must Have Boat Accessories and Gadgets for the Avid Boater

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas for a friend or a loved one who loves boating and is passionate about it? Do you yourself also enjoy buying and trying out new gadgets, accessories or tools to heighten and increase your experience whilst you are out at sea?
With so many products to choose from how can you narrow it down to that perfect gift? It doesn’t have to be hard and having an understanding of what they like or use regularly can help you to narrow this down.
We’ve put together this list of our top 10 gift ideas for the avid boaters and sailors in your life from the affordable (even cheap) to the expensive in a range of categories.

The (Garmin Quatix 6 – Check price here) will make the perfect gift for the avid boater in your life. This is a next generation smartwatch which is specially designed for boating, fishing, cruising and sailing.

It can seamlessly integrate with Garmin navigation equipment and fusion audio systems. You can even use it as a stand-alone GPS navigation unit giving you the ability to download and use entire navigational maps when your charting unknown territories in unfamiliar waters.

Unique to the Garmin Quatix 6 smartwatch is the marine boating features and depending upon what type of navigation you have available on your boat, you can tap into and stream boating data directly using onto your wrist watch giving you access to speed, depth, temperature regardless of where you are on the boat. You can also save, mark and delete waypoints without going back to the helm.

The Garmin Quatix 6 is a customisable, fully functional smartwatch which can display emails and texts as well. This smart watch comes preloaded with sport activity profiles for nearly every sport from paddle boarding, skiing, golf, hiking, rowing and more. 

2. Treblab FX 100 Bluetooth Speaker

This is a good portable speaker for your boat as the (Treblab FX100 Bluetooth speaker – Check price here) is durable, tumble proof , dust proof and shockproof as it can withstand knocks and blows without any risk of it becoming damaged as it has a sturdy, shock proof rubber exterior. It has a waterproof rating of IPX 4 which means that it can withstand splashes but it is not completely waterproof.
The battery life on the Treblab FX 100 Bluetooth speaker is incredible as it can last up to 35 hours which means that you can play music for more than a day and a half on just one battery charge.
This speaker offers 360° surround sound meaning that it will produce crystal clear highs, midrange punches and and deep, bellowing lows. This speaker also comes with a built-in powerbank that you can charge your electronic gadgets with and if your away for any extended period of time this is actually invaluable especially when you are out boating in unfamiliar territory.

3. YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

This wouldn’t be an article on Christmas gifts for the avid boater without a YETI cooler being mentioned. The (YETI Tundra 35 – Check price here) is a small portable cooler that can hold up to 20 cans, a substantial amount of food and plenty of ice to go with it. This cooler is 16 inches wide by 21 inches long and 15½ inches tall.

This quality cooler has extra thick walls designed to be bear resistant and 3 inches of permafrost insulation designed to keep ice cold for hours if not days. Unique to this product is Rotomoulded construction which ensures that this cooler will withstand any impact to it making it virtually indestructible.

Some additional features include a latch and hinge system that keeps the lid sealed, a form fitting barrier to keep heat out, double haul handles that make it easy to transport and a vortex drain system that makes it less hassle to clean after your finished with it. 

4. Kenwood Marine Stereo

Perhaps part of the reason why your avid boater picked their boat was because of the amazing sound system that it came with and maybe they bought a boat in the hopes that one day they can upgrade the sound system onboard the boat.
If they fall into the latter, then there’s no better Christmas gift to buy them than a new marine stereo system such as the (Kenwood KMR – M328 Marine Boat Stereo – Check price here).
Kenwood is a well known brand and they have been manufacturing affordable, high quality audio equipment and accessories for decades. The (Kenwood KMR -M328 Marine Boat Stereo – Check price here) is the newest unit to hit the market. Drawing on from their years of experience in the automotive sector this marine stereo comes in a sleek and stylish compact case. This product comes with Alexa and Bluetooth built into it.
Unique to it is improved conformal coating which prevents the internal circuit board from water splashes, moisture and corrosion when you are out at sea. The USB/AUX ports are double sealed. This product is iPhone/Android compatible and with Bluetooth enabled you can wirelessly select, search and play songs through your smartphone.

5. LEATHERMAN, Surge Heavy Duty Multi-tool

You never know when you have to fix something on your boat in an emergency and rather than digging in the tool box for a screwdriver, spanner or a wire cutter you can use a multi-tool. 
Multi tools are practical and cool and before the advent of these you had to carry around a heavy, lumber-some toolbox everywhere you went but with the invention of multi-tools it practically replaces your entire tool box set. 
The (Leatherman Surge Heavy Duty Multi-tool – Check Price here) is designed to be functional and practical. Packed inside the jet black case are 21 different tools such wire cutters, pliers, screwdrivers and more for general outdoor usage. This is a handy tool that can be used anywhere and to have handy for any situations that may crop up. Make it a permanent addition to your toolkit you won’t regret it. 

6. Myerchin Generation 2 Captain Pro G10

The (Myerchin Generation 2 Captain Pro 10 G10 – Check price here) is a uniquely and beautifully crafted knife made from the highest quality materials. It’s a heavy duty knife and it can slice through just about anything. This is one of the highest rated boating pocket knifes on Amazon.com
A serious knife for any sailor. This pocket knife is truly built for performance and durability. The blade is made from German marine grade stainless steel and can easily cut through rope, plastic, wood and even thin sheet metal like a hot knife through butter. The locking mechanism is springless, and the knife has a marlin spike.
The handle of the knife comes in an attractive black satin finish, this knife would make a great gift and it is a perfect for boating and any other outdoor activities. It’s practical, versatile and reliable especially when you want to get things done. We feel that it’s an excellent knife at a great price.

7. Bushnell 7x50 Marine Binoculars

If you are thinking of buying boating binoculars the (Bushnell Marine 7×50 Binoculars – Check price here) are great. Bushnell are clearly experts when it comes to manufacturing excellent optics at incredibly low prices and this model is no different to any other model out there.
These binocular are waterproof, durable and built to last, has 7x magnification which is very handy when using these binoculars in and out of the water. It has great HD clarity and are fog proof, making it very easy to see through even during early mornings. These are perfect good quality marine binoculars to get for yourself or a loved one as a gift without breaking the bank and it matches many of the high quality marine binoculars available.

Although the (Bushnell Marine 7×50 Binoculars – Check price here) is perfectly good, you may find that the (Fujinon 7×50 WPC – XL Mariner Binoculars – Check price here) is better optically, providing sharper, cleaner and clearer images.
We feel that the (Bushnell Marine 7×50 Binoulars – Check price here) is great value for money and a great choice as marine binoculars.

8. Aqua Quest White Water Waterproof Duffel Bag

Keep all your equipment, gadgets, clothes, accessories and gear clean and dry whilst you are out and about. For this reason, a weather-proof and waterproof duffel bag will make a great Christmas gift. You should consider the (Aqua Quest White Water Duffle Bag 100% Waterproof Protective Dry Bag – Check price here) which comes in a range of six separate colors to choose from.
Designed to be lightweight, comfortable to carry or wear it can withstand rain, dirt, dust, sand and extreme weather. It’s perfect for boating, travelling, camping and fishing or whatever adventure you thrust upon it.
This weather-proof duffel bag comes completer with a padded, adjustable and removable shoulder strap along with multiple sling options. Including a padded grab handle for easy transportation by hand.
This item comes with a lifetime guarantee and inspires confidence with more than 25 years of experience in waterproof and marine gear you can be sure that you’re buying a good quality product.

Invest in These Boat Accessories for your Experience

Now that you’ve seen a list of some much-needed and handy boat accessories, be sure to invest in all that apply to your needs. Be sure to read this article for more information on boat maintenance tips that all of the best captains use before they set sail.



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