Keep Your Boat Shining: Ultimate Buyers Guide for the Best Boat Polish

Boats are an expensive investment, but something you’ll use a lot if you love being on the water. Since you’ll spend so much money on it, you’ll want your boat to look the best. Once you’ve chosen the right boat for your needs, you need to consider how you’ll upkeep it. 

One of the best ways to keep a beautiful and clean boat is by waxing and polishing it. Keep reading to find the best boat polishes that are available on the market today. 

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Dimensions Size Weight Features Price
M6332_32ozFlagshipWax_10x10 Meguiars Premium Marine Wax 5.5 x 3.75 x 9.5"
32 oz 2.1 lbs Restores deep gloss / long lasting protection Price not available
M6732_OneStepCleaner_10x10 Meguairs One Step Compound 3.7 x 1.4 x 8.7" 16 oz 1 lbs Cleaner and polish/restores and brightens Price not available
Starbrite Premuim Marine Polish Starbrite Premium Marine Polish 8.5 x 7.5 x 5.5" 16 oz 1.2 lbs 100% UV protection/ rejuvenate fibreglass, paint, metal Price not available
3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish + Wax 3M Perfect-it Gelcoat Polish + Wax 11 x 9.1 x 8.4" 32 oz 2.3 lbs Removes scratches, marks from your boat/easy to use Price not available
flitz-metal-polish-ca-03518-6-64_1000 Flitz Polish & Paint Restorer 5 x 5 x 7" 31 oz 2.2 lbs Non-toxic formula/clean, polish, deoxidizes and protects Price not available
quickie-sauce_1080x Boat Bling Quickie Sauce 3.5 x 3.5 x 11" 32 oz 2.4 lbs Specially formulated / can be used on fibreglass, painted surfaces Price not available

Meguiar's M6332

If you’re looking for the best boat hull polish, look no further than Meguiar’s M6332 Premium Marine Wax.  This formula is simple to use and provides long-lasting polymer protection. 

Your boat is going to spend many hours in the hot sun, so you need the best protection from UV damage. This formulation provides just that as well as protection from wear damage as well. 

This wax is very versatile, too. It can enrich the color and shine of your boat while also removing light oxidation and fine scratches. You won’t need to spend hours upon hours waxing to reap the benefits of this product. 

You should buy Meguiar’s M6332 if you’re looking for a high-quality yet affordable polish that’s easy to apply. 

Meguiar's M6732

Meguiar’s M6732 formulation is the best boat polishing system on the market today. It’s a one-step compound meant for restoring your boat’s gloss to a factory finish. Since it’s an all-in-one product, M6732 can replace other items in your cleaning arsenal, saving you money in the long-run. 

It’s perfect for cleaning fiberglass and maintaining a high-gloss finish. Apply it by hand or use a buffer for faster results. 

This product is capable of removing heavy oxidation as well as scratches, stains, and even stubborn water spots. If you want the shiniest boat on the lake, you need to invest in this one-step compound. 

You should buy Meguiar’s M6732 if you’re looking for an affordable and versatile polish that you can use for other applications, like on a travel trailer.

STAR BRITE Premium Marine Polish

Stepping away from Meguiar’s for a moment, let’s look at this high-quality polish from STAR BRITE. This formula is designed for use on several surfaces such as fiberglass, metal, and plexiglass. You can apply it on top of old wax or polish, too, making it a very versatile product. 

We love this polish because it provides long-lasting shine and UV-protection to keep your boat in tip-top shape. Its high gloss finish is so smooth it can repel any future grime or dirt.

This wax is ideal for newer boats or ones that have been restored or maintained regularly. If you own an old boat or one that hasn’t had its share of tender love and care, you might want to try another product in our list. 

You should buy STAR BRITE’s polish if you’re looking for a long-lasting and versatile polish that will leave a sleek and shiny polish. 

3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish + Wax

From safety goggles to picture hanging hardware, it seems there isn’t anything 3M can’t do. Their Perfect-It Gelcoat is a force to be reckoned with in the world of marine polishes. 

This one-step polish and wax gelcoat is fast and easy to apply, ensuring you can get back out on the water sooner. It’s safe for use on gelcoats and fiberglass and has been formulated to remove scratches, swirl marks, and defects. 

It leaves a professional-grade finish, akin to the first few days you brought your shiny brand new boat home. The high shine exterior will also protect it from the harsh effects of the wind, water, and weather. 

And if you needed one more reason to invest in this product, it can polish and wax all in one step.

You should buy 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat if you’re looking for a polish that works fast and protects against weathering. 

Flitz CA 03518-6A

Don’t let the fact that Flitz’s polish is not explicitly marketed as boat polish deter you. This multi-purpose cream is excellent for a variety of purposes, providing you with insurmountable flexibility. 

The industrial-strength formula provides the cleaning power you need to polish and protect surfaces like metal, fiberglass, aluminum, and even plastic. Use it to remove rust or graffiti and then clean your diamond ring with it when you’re done. What other polish on the market can say it can accomplish that much?

This polish can remove water stains, oxidation, bugs, tree sap, and almost anything else you might find on your boat. 

You should buy Flitz CA 03518-6A if you’re looking for a non-toxic and versatile polish that provides protection all season long. 

Boat Bling Quickie Sauce

If you’re looking for long-lasting UV protection, Boat Bling’s Quickie Sauce is a fantastic wax option. This high-gloss wax dries to a haze, making it easy for you to remove any leftover residue. It’s safe for use on fiberglass, vinyl decals, and even painted surfaces. 

This unique formulation makes for quick application with surprisingly stunning results. You don’t even need to use a buffer to reap the benefits of this wax. 

While the results won’t last as long as others in our list, you can still expect your shine to last around four months.

You should buy Boat Bling’s Quickie Sauce if you’re looking for powerful polish that provides months of UV protection. 

Your Boat Deserve the Best Boat Polish

Now that you know our picks for the best marine boat polish, it’s time to get your shine on. Your boat will be the best-looking on the water with any of these polishes in your cleaning arsenal. 

Keep reading our Buyer’s Guides to find the best equipment for your boat. If you’re new to the world of marine equipment, check out our Beginner’s Guides to learn more about boating in general. 



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