The Best Gifts For Boat Owners This Christmas

Sleigh bells are ringing and the snow is starting to fall and that can only mean one thing; Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re looking to buy something for someone who is on Santa’s nice list this year, it’s essential to take their interests into account when choosing the perfect gift.
If you have a family member or friend who is passionate about all things boating then why not incorporate this into your gift buying? Of course, there’s a wealth of choices out there but we’ve been doing a little Christmas shopping of our own and we’re pleased to say that there are some amazing ideas that will be well received by any boat enthusiast.

If you’ve ever been on a boat, you will know that what the captain says, goes. A lot of people will poke fun at their loved ones because of how bossy they get once on board so to save arguments, why not hand over the power as part of their Christmas gift? The slogan reads ‘I’m the captain, to save time, let’s assume I’m always right!’ Could it be any more true?

Made from a cotton, polyester blend the T-shirt has a great balance of comfort, breathability and durability making it ideal for layering and all weather. It offers an excellent fit and is super easy to care for being machine washable. The shirt will certainly bring a chuckle on Christmas morning!

2. TOSCANA - Picnic Time Brand Mariner Cheese Board

Is there anything more enjoyable than kicking back and relaxing with some fine cheeses and a glass of your favourite wine? We think not! This nautical themed cheese board is the perfect addition to any galley and will certainly be a conversation starter at any social gathering on the boat.

It’s crafted from wood giving it a rustic and authentic look and features four cheese tools which slot into the board for convenient storage. If your boat lover is also a foodie, this is a must have!


3. Boat-Tote All In One Accessories Organiser

There’s no denying that the captain will have lots of equipment on board, whether they’re just going out for a sail or whether they’re getting into hobbies like fishing. Having somewhere to keep all those important bits and pieces is super important and there’s nothing better than this handy organiser.

It fits onto almost any type of boast and has a plethora of storage spaces so nothing will ever not be to hand again. For the practical boater, there is no better gift.


4. Better Boat Store Boat Erasers

There is nothing more important to a boat owner than taking good care of their vessel and ensuring it always looks in tip top condition. But when scuffs and scratches happen, they can sometimes require a lot of work to put right.

No longer will your boat loving friend or family member have to use every ounce of their elbow grease to remove marks; these boat erasers will do all the hard work for them. It might seem like an overly practical gift but any owner will tell you that having an immaculate boat is truly the stuff of dreams.


5. The Navy Knot Cooler Backpack Tote

Do you know a boat loving couple who likes to spend time on the water just chilling out? If so, you won’t find a better gift than this nautical themed backpack tote. It comes with accessories such as tumblers and can huggers which are ideal for picnics both on and off the boat.


The backpack is fully insulated so it’ll keep food and drink at the right temperature and the leakproof design ensures there’ll be no mess and no fuss!


6. Boat Gadget

When you’re out on the water,  you don’t want to be weighed down by a ridiculous number of tools but boating often calls for a range of utensils. So where’s the balance? Well, we found it in this handy boat tool that boasts a 10 in 1 function.


Whether you’re looking to open a bottle of beer, cut a line, open snaps on a canvas, and much more; this compact tool does it all. Your boating buddy will be forever grateful for giving them the convenience of being able to do all of these things with something that can slot into their pocket. You might say this was the perfect stocking filler!


7. The Boat Galley Store Boat Document Holder

If you thought there were a lot of documents for your car, then you’d be amazed how much paperwork boat owners have to keep hold off. But where do you put it all without turning your vessel into some kind of paper recycling center!


That’s where this boat document holder comes in super handy. The organiser can hold up to 400 documents so the recipient won’t be short on space and with a waterproof, zippered cover, they’ll feel confident that everything is safe and sound inside. Oh and did we mention it looks incredibly stylish too?


8. St Brendan Protect Us Plaque

Going out to sea is no mean feat and it can be fraught with danger. Of course, having a good captain that knows how to handle any situation is the most important thing but a bit of faith never goes amiss. That’s why we know that any boater will fall in love with this plaque of St Brendan, known as the navigator or the saint of boatmen.

This is a sentimental and heartfelt gift for anyone with a spiritual side and it’s intricately crafted to look beautiful displayed on any boat. Made from brass, it is incredibly durable and will stand up to the elements and anything that each sailing trip throws its way.


9. Boat Owners Mug

Do you know someone that never shuts up about their boat? If you do then why not throw a little humour their way and gift them this hilarious boat owners mug for the person who can’t get enough of their vessel!

Not only does the mug feature a funny slogan but it’s also incredibly practical being dishwasher and microwave safe. What’s more, it comes in a choice of sizes and the brand makes some amazing items like shirts and totes to compliment it.



It can be difficult to know what to get as a gift for Christmas for your loved ones but if you know someone who is crazy about boating, things just got very easy. There are some fantastic boat themed gifts out there so whether you’re looking to get a laugh Christmas morning or want a practical gift for your loved one, there will be something on this list for you!



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